Nabati Cave

September 1, 2019
Yazd Attractions

Nabati Cave is located 60 km northwest of Taft city and near Nodushen historical and beautiful village. In this beautiful cave column of stalagmites and stalactites and natural shrines as well as cauliflower crystals in different corridors are created.

The Bride of Yazd, as it’s so often referred to as, the Nabati Cave is an unexpectedly beautiful Eco-tourism destination is Iran, with slow-growing crystals and formations in its intertwining interior.

Two entrances lead into the Nabati Cave; one natural and the other newly made. The Cave’s natural entryway is around 1.5-meter opening with a 3-meter drop. Of course, there is a ladder in place to assist visitors to get down, however the other hand-dug entrance is easier to enter through.

Some of the less adventurous travelers will be happy to hear that Nabati Cave, being aesthetically pleasing, is not a very big or difficult cave to venture through. Although there is no need to use flagging tape or ropes for finding the way back out, some travelers may choose to use them to ease their mind!

The best way to reach this cave is through an asphalted road 60 kilometers north of Taft city. It’s located in the rural and historical town of Nodushan.

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